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Spring 2022 Concert Ensemble Audition Music

Spring 2022 Wind Ensemble/Symphonic Band/Concert Band Audition Music. Please read ALL instructions closely as the audition process has change for this semester!

Thank you for auditioning for the Wind Ensemble/Symphonic Band/Concert Band this semester.  Please have your audition form (link below) and your video link* submitted by:

Woodwinds/Brass:  Monday, January 17

*Percussion (NO Video):  Live Auditions Thursday, January 20 @ 1pm in Room 133 (see audition info below for details)

Note:  All music majors and non-majors receiving a band stipend must perform the wind ensemble/symphonic band music.

Step 1 – Download the excerpts for your instrument (Wind Ensemble/Symphonic Band OR Concert Band)

WE/SB Excerpts                           Concert Band Excerpts 

Oboe WE SB                                 Oboe CB 

Bassoon WE SB                           Bassoon CB

Flute WE SB & CB                               

Clarinet WE SB                            Clarinet CB

Saxophone WE SB                      Saxophone CB

Trumpet WE SB                           Trumpet CB

Horn WE SB                                 Horn CB

Tenor Trombone WE SB               Tenor Trombone CB

Bass Trombone WE SB                Bass Trombone CB

Euphonium WE SB                       Euphonium CB 

Tuba WE SB                                   Tuba CB 

Percussion Instructions (ALL)

Percussion WE SB                       Percussion CB

Step 2 – Fill out the Band Audition Form (EVERYONE): CLICK HERE

Step 3 – Send a YouTube video link of your excerpts to the appropriate applied faculty below (WW/Brass only):

*NOTE: Please try to get a steady, clear, relatively close, front view of your playing so that we have a clear view of your embouchure, instrument, and hands in the screen.

**NOTE: Make sure all YouTube links are set to “Unlisted” or “Public” in order for faculty to view. If you have any questions, contact Dr. Stewart (









Euphonium & Tuba:

Percussion: N/A Live Auditions

*Audition results will be posted soon after all auditions are completed.

Wind Ensemble (MUEN 353):  T, R     2:50-4:50 pm

Symphonic Band (MUEN 352) M, W, F    1:00-1:50 pm

Concert Band (MUEN 350):  M, W, F    1:00-1:50 pm

The University of Tennessee Bands

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