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Majorette Auditions

**Majorettes: Auditions for the 2020 line have been temporarily postponed.  The deadline for majorette applications is Monday, April 13.  We will be sending out all audition information that day.

**To be a part of the UT Majorette Line, you must submit a 2020 UT Majorette Line Audition Application.  Application Form can be found by clicking HERE!  DEADLINE:  Monday, April 13

Majorette Audition Requirements for 2020

Date:  TBA

Application Deadline: April 13

All applicants must submit a UT Majorette Line Audition Application.  Application Form can be found by clicking HERE!

Audition Location: HPER Building located on the corner of Andy Holt Avenue and Pat Head Summit Dr.  (Signs will be located on the outside doors to guide you to the gym)

Eligibility: Any current UT student or incoming freshman. Incoming freshman must have applied to The University of Tennessee.

Audition Schedule :  (subject to change)

Time: TBA

Auditions Begin TBA

1)    Solo Routine: (Twirling/Dance Twirl Routine): Time limit is 1:30-2:00 minutes. Judging categories include: variety, difficulty, coordination, appearance, gracefulness, twirling/dancing techniques, posture, originality and showmanship. Applicant’s routine must include a minimum of one minute of one-baton twirling. Routine may include multiple batons and dance twirl.

2)    Group Routine: All candidates will learn a group routine as well as marching and field movements.  The ability to learn, assimilate, and perform new material will be assessed.

3)    8 to 5 Marching and Stationary Tricks:  Candidates will be required to demonstrate 8 to 5 marching as well as standing in place to complete selected tricks.  Tricks will be demonstrated by the head majorette.  The focus is for candidates to stay stationary while performing and catching each trick.

Feature Twirler:  Feature Twirler tryouts may be held immediately following Majorette Line auditions (This is subject to change based on timing).  All candidates must be selected for the 2020 Majorette line in order to tryout for Feature Twirler.  Candidates should be prepared to perform an additional solo performance.  Routine should not exceed 2 minutes and 30 seconds.  Routine may include multiple batons if desired.

**UPDATE:  Feature Twirler auditions will be held at a later date due to the change in the audition process.

Music: Each applicant must provide her/his own recording (music of applicant’s choice). The audio file should be played through a phone or other mp3 device and must have 1:30-2:00 minutes of music for the audition routine.  A back-up audio file is suggested.  We are asking that audio files be uploaded to a shared Google Drive Folder.  You will receive an invitation to this folder shortly after you have applied.

Attire: All candidates should wear a twirling costume of their choice with flesh colored tights.   

Equipment: Batons as needed for your routines and a back-up version of your audition music.

Judging Categories:  Appearance, Twirling/Dance Routine (technical ability), Adaptability to learning a new routine, Gracefulness and Showmanship.

Number of Majorettes Chosen:  No specific number of majorettes is chosen in any given year.  The number of majorettes has ranged from 7-15 in past years and depends on the caliber of applicants as determined by the judges. UT Majorettes must audition each year. Should a selected majorette withdraw from school or leave the majorette line for any reason, the first alternate may be moved up to twirl with the squad. The list of alternates will be kept confidential and used at the discretion of the Director of Bands.

Auditions are not open to the public. Only candidates and judges will be admitted to the tryout/band room. During auditions, parents and friends may wait in the building lobby, however, only those twirlers auditioning will be allowed in the actual band room lobby.

Majorettes chosen for the line will receive a scholarship award of $800 per year.

The Judging Panel:  The judging panel will consist of UT Band Directors and expert twirling adjudicators. Please note: Judge’s comments and scores are confidential and will not be disclosed.

Following Auditions:  Those that are selected for the 2020 Majorette line will have a mandatory meeting following the conclusion of tryouts.

Application form:  Click HERE!

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